Created from retinal tissue of 18 week gestation aborted fetus

Developed in 1985, PER C6 is the growth medium for a wide variety of human disease-causing viruses that can be processed into inactivated whole virus, live-attenuated, live-vector, split, subunit and recombinant vaccines.

August 12, 2002
Med-Immune Inc. To Produce New Flu Vaccine Using Cancer-Potential Aborted Fetal Cell Line PER C6


Found in the following vaccines:

  • Ebola vaccine
  • West Nile vaccine
  • Influenza vaccine
  • Malaria vaccine
  • Tuberculosis vaccine
  • Rabies antibody combination
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Ethical Concerns
“Recently in 1985, a cell line PER C6 was developed and being used in research for Ebola and HIV vaccines. Where did it come from? Dr Alex Van Der , the scientist who developed it stated: from retinal of fetus…….. In all the cases, it is quite clear aborted babies might had been healthy, with no life threathening condition or other medically indicated reasons to aobrt them. But is the abortion morally right or the use of the tissue cell lines?”

President Bush’s Cell-Culture Technology
In April of this year, another supplier Sanofi Pasteur was awarded a $97 million contract from the US Health and Human Services Department (HHS) to speed the production process for new cell-culture influenza vaccines. Sanofi Pasteur will be using PER.C6 cell-culture. The PER.C6-based pandemic flu vaccine will be the first influenza vaccine developed using human cell production technology. Herein lies the problem. The PER.C6 human cell-culture comes from an aborted fetus.