WAVE represents a constituency of like-minded people who question the safety, value and ethics regarding the mass vaccination system. That doesn’t mean every one agrees on every detail, but the following list of people have declared their various positions on vaccination.

We invite you to check one of the following statements to add to our database so we can show the world that we mean business.

“Professional Dissenter” includes any practitioner, administrator or officer whose work gains insight or experience into health care, science, vaccination or vaccination policies. Please include your credentials (i.e. Ph.D., B.S., M.D., D.O., D.C., R.N., D.D.S., Psy. D., etc).


Understanding your Options

Freedom of Choice:
I believe that our moral, legal, and political systems should respect and uphold our individual right to absolute freedom to choose or reject any health care procedure. Vaccination mandates are offensive and wrong.

Conscientious Objector:
I believe that at least one of the following are true about vaccination:

  1. Vaccinations pose significant risks and detrimentally affect many lives.
  2. Many vaccinations and vaccination policies have questionable value.

Professional Dissenter:
As a critically thinking, relevant professional I have concluded from my experience and study that:

  1. Vaccination is, or can be, significantly detrimental to human health
  2. Many vaccines are unnecessary and/or inefficacious
  3. The science supporting vaccination is often flawed by bias, corruption, financial profit, and/or politics.

I believe vaccine theory is fundamentally flawed. Infectious illness plays a necessary and beneficial role with individual immune development and humanity as a whole. The unnatural, toxic substances used in the vast majority of vaccines are detrimental to human health. The mass vaccination system should be abandoned.



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