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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the great importance to The World Association for Vaccine Education. This policy outlines how the information we collect from our users is acquired, transmitted, stored, used and the lifecycle of such data. Under no circumstances will personally identifying information collected from our users be sold, leased, rented, loaned or given to external companies, organizations, individuals or clients without prior user notification and / or permission. However, The World Association for Vaccine Education cannot be held liable in the event that private information is stolen, hacked or otherwise obtained due to circumstances beyond the direct control of The World Association for Vaccine Education.

Users wishing to obtain a list of or make changes to the private information about them stored by The World Association for Vaccine Education, must make a formal request to info@novaccine.com and allow 10 to 15 business days for processing and responding to your request. In the event The World Association for Vaccine Education is acquired by a third party, the private information of The World Association for Vaccine Education users will be destroyed.

All information which The World Association for Vaccine Education obtains from its users is kept secure and confidential to the best of our abilities at all times. This includes security protection of the devices storing the information in the form of passwords and encryption where necessary and other means. Access to devices storing the private information of our users is limited to the employees and authorized subcontractors of The World Association for Vaccine Education and technicians of its hosting and service providers. Exceptions include:

Third party personnel requiring access to servers for the sole purpose of routine, scheduled or emergency maintenance; and or upgrading of hardware, software or configurations.

Law enforcement or government agencies in order to comply with local laws and regulations.

Companies specifically authorized to perform monitoring, technical, analytical or diagnostics services or tasks on our servers and or other equipment.

The World Association for Vaccine Education collects, stores and utilizes personal information in the following ways:

Personal information collected includes email address, optional demographical information, IP address and date / time stamp. This information is retained indefinitely in a database environment which is password protected. The personal information is used for distribution of the email newsletter, account administration and customer service notice purposes only. This information is collected directly from the subscriber.

Online Forms
Personal information may be requested of users in a variety of user submission forms throughout the site including but not limited to the Testimonials page and Add to Database page. These pages may requires such information as Email address and first and last name. This private information will be stored and used exclusively for purposes directly relating to the specific function used. In specific circumstances the information may be available for public viewing if opted by the user.

Web Traffic Statistics
Individually identifying information collected includes the IP and host address information of our users. This information is collection without notification to the user. The information is used purely for general web traffic statistics and reports. The information is not used to monitor, track or report on the usage of individual users unless the user is suspected of illegal or unauthorized usage of any component the The World Association for Vaccine Education infrastructure is comprised of. Additional information collected on users which is considered non-personal, and is collected without prior knowledge of the user includes: browser version, screen resolution, operating system type, time and date stamp of all transactions against the The World Association for Vaccine Education server, referral information, country of origin, city of origin, hosting provider and other such similar user workstation configuration details.

During usage of particular functions within The World Association for Vaccine Education, cookies may be saved to the client workstation that improve the efficiency and quality of service.

In the event a user of The World Association for Vaccine Education web site emails private information to any of our email addresses or online contact forms; this information will be treated as private and confidential; and used solely for the purpose of communicating with that individual or organization in relation to the email’s subject matter.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our legal or privacy policies, we welcome you to contact us at info@novaccine.com.