How? Why?

Inevitably, after studying this issue, the seeker of truth asks… How could this be? Why does vaccination seem so popular? Why do doctors, scientists or public officials speak so favorably toward them? In order to full comprehend these questions and arrive at satisfactory, independent answers, one must consider certain psychological dynamics, societal tendencies, and historical facts.


Very few vaccines speak the words “I researched the evidence for and against vaccines and think they are valuable.” Mostly, one hears someone say, “I believe in vaccination.” In developed countries, most of its’ citizens are indoctrinated with the medical (allopathic) paradigm. In these cultures, too many people absolve themselves of all responsibility for their health and abdicate it to a medical practitioner or public authority. An integral part of this system perpetuates itself by replacing knowledge with fear, and self-determination with obedience. People want to believe in vaccines because they feel they need to be saved from something they fear and don’t understand. They feel vulnerable (afraid) and dependent. Only when one stops “feeling” their way through the subject, accepts full responsibility for their health, and educates themselves well do they make knowledgeable, intelligent decisions.

Independent Thinking

The opposite of this is what psychologists call the biological basis of self-preservation: adaptation. Coarsely put, people tend to follow a herd instinct/mentality. It has roots in our evolutionary past. Animals, including humans, are hard wired to do what the herd does because we survived as a species by doing that. This psychological dynamic is how 20 million Germans were convinced to hate Jews and take part in their slaughter – and it’s how many things — that don’t make much sense — get perpetuated.


Take a good look at history. Have the “authorities” ever been wrong? Were there ever times when the masses accepted ideas or practices that were harmful? Galileo, Copernicus, and Columbus come to mind, but you needn’t go back too far in time to find the error of our ways. Thalidomide, DES, ….

Can you imagine our current place in history exempt from error? What will history say about many of the mistaken but commonly accepted truths of today? And no doubt the historian, arrogant in his own judgment of us, will confidently extoll his own folly.


Unfortunately, mankind’s consciousness has net developed past the desire for power, control and money. This leads to a corrupt system that manipulates, deceives, and coerces. Examine the evidence that has been catalogued on this pages to understand the extent to which this element exists with vaccination.