Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines

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Specific Vaccines

View specific vaccines to evaluate documentation of their risks & ineffectiveness.

Reactions & Conditions

Choose a category to learn all about vaccine associated reactions and conditions.

Vaccine Ingredients

Information about the individual components of vaccines.

How? Why?

Inevitably, after studying this issue, the seeker of truth asks…How could this be?

Authorities Speak Out

While many praise vaccination, there are thousands who have not hesitated to voice the truth.

Laws and Exemptions

Mass vaccination appears to have been largely neglected by modern biomedical ethicists.

Documentation Library

A compendium of scientific analysis, news archives and so much more.

Media Streams

A collection of videos and social media feeds pertaining to vaccines.

Vaccination Schedules

This chart outlines the required and recommended vaccination schedule published by the CDC.